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Hermione Hoby

Hermione Hoby
When I put down Hermione Hoby's wonderful book Neon in Daylight for the last time, after just finishing it, I remember thinking it was a perfect "slice of life" book. What I mean by that is this: if you lay someone's life down on a piece of paper, like a timeline from birth to death, a "slice of life" book pops in on that life, often at no particularly important time, and stays with the main character for a few months or even a year, then leaves. We pop in on "Kate's" singularly interesting life in this very way.

Kate is a London-based Brit who is "cat-sitting" a cat named Joni Mitchell for a friend in a New York City apartment. She finds herself in a new, quite American world that she's eager to explore. It's her voice, her unique experience of this time, that pulls us in to her story and we don't want to leave.

Of all the splendid reviews Hermione has received, I have to say I liked Sara Cutaia's of t…

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