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Asheville BookWorks

Asheville BookWorks is one of the hidden gems of Asheville. If you love books, paper-craft, printing, print making and art in general you will be enchanted by this tribute to creativity started by Laurie Corral. A bit about Laurie CorralAt the age of 3, I was one of the youngest library cardholders in our small town. In the children’s library I was permitted to wander and did so with delight. One day I discovered a shelf of books that fit my hands perfectly. I became aware of the book size and shape and felt satisfaction in holding it. It felt good. One by one, I checked out all the Beatrix Potter books in the library. It is a powerful first memory of books connecting with my hands.After completing a BFA in Printmaking at West Virginia University I moved to Chicago. On one of my accustomed gallery visits, I encountered an exceptional display of printed work including a few artist books off to one corner of the gallery. I began thinking about prints and books, about taking pr…

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