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The Home of Britton Trice, owner of New Orleans' Garden District Bookshop

In my series that showcases author's and bookseller's homes:

Robert Olen Butler
Nevada Barr
Jamie Kornegay
Will Harlan

Mitchell Kaplan
Emoke B'Racz

and SIBA Executive Director, Wanda Jewell

I add bookseller and publisher, Britton Trice.
The Garden District of New Orleans is known for its beauty and style. I've spent many happy hours wandering the streets admiring the homes and shops. 

Deep in the heart of this district is the Garden District Bookshop, owned by Britton Trice. Way back in 2012 I did a short blog about the store, click here to see.

Just a few blocks from the bookshop is Britton and his wife Ann's home. Here are some photos I took of the gorgeous interior when I visited him last year. The house has stood for more than 169 years.

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