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Joshilyn Jackson

"I knew from long experience that I only had to wait the feeling out. People say , I don't know how she lives with herself, but every single one of them was living with their own worst thing, just fine. No one walks around holding their ugliest sin in the palm of their hands, staring at it. Our hurts are heavy, and we let them sink. Every day they drift lower, settling in murky places where the light can't reach. All I had to do was wait. My bad would fall down into darkness again, because the bad things always do."
Secrets, "bad things," mysteries. We all have them. Some we sometimes share with friends, some we don't. Everyone reading this has regrets, the "what was I thinking?" moments in our lives. Most are just bad decisions, sometimes made under the influence of drugs or alcohol, sometimes made cold sober. The ones we don't share we don't share for a reason, embarrassment, shame, you name it. We'd just like to keep that little…

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