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Susan Cerulean

Susan Cerulean's memoir, I Have Been Assigned the Single Bird, moved me deeply. The way she combined and intertwined her father's long journey into dementia with our earth's similar long journey into ecological disaster is so exquisitely achieved. Susan is an Environmental Educator who lives near beautiful Apalachicola on the northern coast of Florida.  She is a volunteer steward of wild birds near her home and sees first hand how the human race is decimating not only our birds but so many of all of our planet's other species. "I was left alone with the little birds tracks, the creature carried so little weight.
Its prints were whispers in the sand. I felt deeply happy to experience a short window into a plover's life and to sit quietly near the rare birds I loved so much. To witness, be present. This is my sacred profession: to be with the birds and then tell their stories.""I'm looking for ways not to despair," Susan's dear father tell…

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