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Holy Ghost Speakeasy and Revival

I have discovered that I love reading historical fiction about my new home in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Well, I should be honest here, so far I have only read two since moving here BUT, both were so outstandingly good that I'm starting to think that all books about  this magical part of the world must be just as wonderful.  My first introduction to this genre was Over the Plain Houses by Julia Franks. My God, what a fine book.
Now the great Terry Roberts, author of That Bright Land,
winner of the Thomas Wolfe Memorial Literary Award as well as the James Still Award for Writing about the Appalachian SouthandA Short Time to StayHere, winner of the 
Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction,  has written another incredible novel that takes place about the same time period, the early 1900's: The Holy Ghost Speakeasy and Revival. 

It's one of those exceptional novels that everyone loves, the kind that sits on your night stand and whispers to you over and over "…

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