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Wiley Cash

Late last year Linda-Marie Barrett, Assistant Executive Director of SIBA, the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance, interviewed beloved author Wiley Cash on the occasion of his being awarded the (Pat) Conroy Legacy Award.

Here Wiley delivers wonderful and very moving insights on independent bookstores, his relationship with Pat Conroy and what winning the award means to him.

Linda-Marie: Let's start off with the question about independent bookstores.

Wiley:Okay. When my first book came out, I think it was probably in 2010, I think my publisher was a little uncertain how a book set in western North Carolina that had snake handling, a long title, me having a weird name, Wiley Cash is not a name that like jumps out as being memorable. I think they were a little nervous about how things were going to go. And then the independent bookstore reps and my publisher read the book, invited me to their sales conference, and suddenly you just sense this pivot in the publishing house toward…

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