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Charles Frazier, Hub City Press and the Cold Mountain Fund

Charles Frazier, legendary author of Cold Mountain, Thirteen Moons, Nightwoods and most recently Varina, is a good man.

No, I'm not trying to gain favor with this gifted storyteller, it's just that I know it to be true. When I interviewed him at my home recently about how his generous "Cold Mountain Fund" came about, I found out that he just wanted to give back some of his money and fame to aspiring authors and independent publishers. He talks about why he chose Hub City Press in Spartanburg, SC as his partner publisher and how the fund works.

Below is my interview with him and the three inaugural authors who will benefit from his generosity.

I invite you to sit in on our fascinating conversation where Charles Frazier explains why, and how, he came up with the idea of giving away a lot of money. And by the way, Annie Dillard had a lot to do with it.

Jon: Tell me how the three Cold Mountain Series books from Hub City Press were chosen.

Charles: Hub City looked at …

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