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N. John Shore, Jr.

I've been a fan of John Shore ever since I read my first "Ask John" column in the Asheville Citizen Times about four years ago. Sadly, it's published just once a week but I always looked forward to his words of wisdom on publishing day. And I don't use the phrase "words of wisdom" lightly here. His advice is indeed very, very wise. Damn, I wish he'd run for president! Ah, but I digress. 
When I saw recently that he had written a novel that received amazing reviews (see below) I immediately bought a copy. It's not easy to tell a story that is filled with hilarious humor, the pangs of love lost, excruciatingly sad family life and deep, deep inner circumspection that ultimately uplifts your soul but......John has done just that. 
I highly recommend you read this book; you will thank me later.

"I just finished Everywhere She's Not...I'm not crying...There must be something in my eye...What a phenomenal story!Thank you so much!" Shan…

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