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Rosalyn Story

    There are few books that have affected me as much as Rosalyn Story's Sing Her Name . It has everything an excellent novel needs: compelling characters, inspirational story, fascinating history, and is oh so poignant and moving. I had tears in my eyes when I turned the last page so, if you love a good story that moves your heart, read this wonderful book. Sing Her Name   follows two musically gifted women whose lives overlap across the boundaries of time.  Beautiful and brilliantly talented Celia DeMille is a nineteenth-century black concert artist who has garnered fame, sung all over the world, and amassed a fortune. But prejudice bars her from achieving her place in history as one of the world’s greatest singers, and she dies in poverty and obscurity. In 21st-century New Orleans, Eden Malveaux, a thirty-something waitress with a beautiful but untutored voice, is the sole guardian of her 17-year-old brother. Motherless for most of their lives, she has struggled for years to ma

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