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John Brandon

This is one of the most imaginative answers to my Time Travel question ever, from one of my favorite writers, John Brandon. Instead of telling me when and where he would want to go, he created a whole new short story about a hapless student sent back in time to help build Noah's Ark. So worth reading.      Look for more particularly memorable time travel answers from previous issues coming up in the future.

The WINDOWS of HEAVENJohn Brandon, July 24, 2014

       Dwyer was stuck in what he would call a ravine, reclining in the shade of trees that seemed like they would bear fruit in certain seasons.  The terrain was dry like the desert but full of vegetation, like parts of California, a state he had driven through once years ago.  Now he lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Well, right now he lived in this ravine, in some dusty and mild Biblical land, a trickle of cool water but nothing to eat.  He had started to grow hungry but the feeling had dissipated.  His stomach wasn’t gro…

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