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Torben Kuhlmann

  "When an inventive mouse misses the biggest cheese festival the world has ever seen, he’s determined to turn back the clock. But what is time, and can it be influenced? With the help of a mouse clockmaker, a lot of inventiveness, and the notes of a certain famous German physicist ,  he succeeds in traveling back in time. But when he misses his goal by eighty years, the only one who can help is an employee of the patent office, who turned our concept of space and time upside down."  Torben Kuhlmann has done it again, combined the cutest mouse in the world with history in a way that you can't help but learn something.  He's amazingly talented and ingenious with his art and stories; I am in awe of him.                                     Here is North/South's brilliant trailer....                                        One of the rave reviews for Einstein : His unique ability to combine fun, facts, science and biography makes Einstein a real triumph. BookPage, St

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