Asheville, NC

Malaprop’s is an amazing bookstore with a rich history, smack dab in the middle of beautiful downtown Asheville, NC. This quote from wonderful Emoke B’racz, the owner, describes the store well:

As a political exile from a communist country, I cannot overemphasize my passion to provide a space where freedom of expression is supported, where important literature—from authors backed by major publishers to those who self-publish—is available to all, where censorship has no place, where respect and service are practiced daily, where women feel safe, where all are welcome, and where books are the stars”.

Calling on this store is always such a pleasure; there is a feeling of fun and excitement that affects all who walk through the front doors. They are also quite innovative-- the latest example is publishing their own books. The newest release is described as a madcap Southern Appalachian take on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; entitled Naked Came the Leaf Peeper. It is a sequential collaborative mystery representing the collective wit and brilliance of twelve North Carolina authors. One of them is Malaprop’s own Linda Marie Barrett, co-owner of the store. For more information or to order a copy click here.
Pictured below are three of Malaprop’s top-notch booksellers; left to right are Alsace Walentine, author events coordinator, Caroline Green, book buyer and Lauren Harr, sidelines buyer.


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