Jackson, MS

       Heading south to Jackson from Greenwood, I drive on hwy 49, which takes me through the heart of the Delta and gives me the opportunity to visit.....


                                 and Yazoo City!

In the Kull stories by Robert E. Howard, Lemuria is a group of islands formed by the peaks of the sunken continent of Mu. Author Lin Carter set his Thongor series of sword and sorcery novels in the land of Lemuria. In Jackson, MS, Lemuria is the creation of John Evans, and his bookstore also has its own marvels and wonders. You enter the store under a giant outstretched hand just like something out of a fantasy novel, holding a  copy of what you will find inside in the thousands.

In no other bookstore do you find so many books per square inch--they are piled in great stacks on the floor and even shelved behind other books in the bookcases. Johnny has indeed created a true wonderland for book lovers. 

Lemuria also has a top-notch blog and one of the best 
First Editions clubs in the country.

When I pay my call we usually sit in his office with Joe Hickman, Johnny's right arm, and go over the list, all the while cracking up at Johnny's somewhat inappropriate jokes. When I'm sure they haven't missed any of the big books of the season I hit the road for New Orleans.

   Here's  Johnny, and Joe with his beautiful daughter Harper.


Amy said…
I'm going to be following in your footsteps here! Love this blog :) It's like my Cliff Notes to all the stores in the South!

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