New Orleans, LA

Oh, to be in the Garden District of New Orleans during the springtime--glorious mansions, amazing flowering gardens, majestic live oaks,

and in the middle of all this beauty sits the 

Britton Trice got to know the business he owns and loves from the ground up. When Garden District Books opened more than 35 years ago, Britton worked there as manager before buying into the store and then ultimately buying it outright. The store is housed in one of the District’s loveliest examples of antebellum architecture.

Here are staff members Ted O'Brien, Amy Loewy, 
Britton Trice (who recently received a check made out to Bitten Twice) 
and Carrie Chappell.

Of note, Ted is co-host of the "Writer's Forum" on WRBH, Radio for the Blind. It is the only full-time reading service on FM in the United States.

Britton also owns BE Trice Publishing, publishers of beautiful limited editions, with authors like Michael Crichton , Clive Barker, Cormac McCarthy, Anne Rice, and Richard Ford.

And of further note, Amy (2nd from the right) is a member of the Mardi Gras "Krewe of Drunken Whores"!

Ah, New Orleans, like no other city. 

Finally, when I was calling on the store recently, I noticed a walking cane that is used by a blind person. I asked Amy about it and was told that it was just left there by a customer-- makes you wonder, doesn't it?


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