The Home of Jamie and Kelly Kornegay

Continuing my ongoing series on the homes of authors and booksellers, this post features the owners of the beautiful Turnrow Books in downtown Greenwood, Mississippi. Jamie and Kelly Kornegay wanted to live close to their store, so they bought this nearby antebellum home on the banks of the Yazoo River.  Built in the late 1800s, this gorgeus house has gone through several renovations over the years, most recently for use as a bed & breakfast in the 1980s.

Just inside the front door is the main living room, with this marvelous painting by local Mississippi artist Coulter Fussell, who lives and works in nearby Water Valley.

Looking back from the painting is the main fire place with its original mantel.

A sure sign that this is the home of booksellers. 

Kelly, who gets credit for the wonderful interiors (sorry Jamie), has painted their dining room this vibrant deep blue. Another original painting, this one by Michael Prettyman hangs over the children's table.

Another view of the dining room, including the stained glass windows that cover the entire east side of the house. They were part of the first renovations in the 1960s.

Jamie in the sun room in the back of the house. 

Here is one of the upstairs children's rooms looking out on their very own sun room

The children's sun room (with Terrence the dog).

The view of the Yazoo River from the upstairs balcony. 

Son Bay and daughters Ruby and Sophie enjoying water melon last summer. 

 Sophie is collecting memories.

Finally, Jamie and Kelly on their upstairs porch.

Thanks to you both for your friendship and true Southern hospitality. You not only have a beautiful bookstore but a  lovely home as well. 


That place looks great! I'm sure enjoying seeing all of your southern rambles, Jon. Maybe one day I'll see Lemuria's Fox Hollow featured here!
Jon Mayes said…
Fox Hollow will indeed have its own post in the future. Mr. Evans and I have already discussed it.

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