Of Kudzu, graffiti and the Tallahatchie Bridge.

I've been in Mississippi for a good part of this week, since driving north from New Orleans. I will end up in Jackson, Tennessee, to visit the Perseus/PGW warehouses and my customer service pals there. After paying a call on Lemuria in Jackson, and not needing to be in Greenwood until after noon, I took a back road through the hills that over look the Delta. There's not much out there but kudzu, trees, and oh, more kudzu.

The temperature is hovering at 95 degrees and there is no wind. It's eerily quiet with just the occasional screech of an hawk in the distance.

 Year after year the vines grow, die off and then grow again on the dead plants from the previous year.

I feel like this vine will reach down and eat me if I'm not careful.

 Just before the road declines to the main highway, I happened upon a group of goats taking a rest near the shade, in the cleft of a hill.

 They were guarded, as so many animals are, that are left out in the open, by a mule.

Then, as I walked back to my car, I discovered an abandoned wooden platform that overlooks the Delta. I had to walk through some kudzu to get to it, but the views were spectacular!

 I can make it to the door without having to trudge through too many vines.

 The view from the top, looking west toward the Mississippi River. Scroll to see the entire photo.

 Looking back toward the road.

I swear that wasn't there when I came in!

After paying my call on TurnRow Books, I take the owners out to dinner to celebrate Jamie Kornegay's selling his first novel, entitled Soil, to Simon & Schuster. Here I am with Jamie and his wife Kelly. You might remember I did a post all about their beautiful home a few months past. 

Finally, as I drive further north toward Square Books in Oxford, (winner of the Bookstore of the Year award from Publishers Weekly magazine), I come upon the world famous Tallahatchie River and it's well known bridge.  

 A few others have been there also.

Here's what's left of the previous bridge.

But the GPS said the road went all the way through!


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