Scenes from the Road, Part Trois

Another small compendium of photos taken while traveling and  keeping the South's amazing bookstores filled with the best books available.

On Highway 19 in south Georgia, driving home from seeing The Bookshelf and Gallery in Thomasville. I kept my distance.

A small atoll just off the coast in Florida, a stone's throw from Coconut Grove, home of The Bookstore in the Grove.

No bookstore here, I just loved the sign. "Welcome" is in  central North Carolina.

 Selling the list  as a window display at The Country Bookshop in Southern Pines, North Carolina, with Kimberly Daniels.

The view of Miami and Coral Gables from my hotel window, before visiting Books & Books.

 Sometimes I try the evil eye if the buy is too small. It's never seemed to work.

A side trip to the everglades, on my way to see south Florida accounts.

The secret entrance to the PGW offices in Berkeley.

Stopping by Elvis Presley's birthplace, in Tupelo, Mississippi, to call on Reed's Gumtree Books.

One of the great  bookstores in the country, Lemuria in Jackson, Mississippi.

To visit Octavia Books, The Garden District Bookshop and Faulkner House Books, I travel the 23 mile long Manchac Swamp Bridge, one of the longest bridges in the world; it connects New Orleans to the mainland.

Sometimes the shortcuts just don't pan out.

 Dinner with Linda Marie Barrett, manager at Malaprop's and Grove/Atlantic author, Will Harlan in Asheville, North Carolina. Will and his fabulous farm will be the subject of a future post.

A sunrise with Key Biscayne, Florida, in the far distance.

On the road in Tennessee with the new SIBA representative, Linda Marie Barrett. Here we are at Burgess Falls State Park, just off the freeway, on our way to see Parnassus Books, in Nashville.

 It really wasn't.

 Memphis, Tennessee, home of Burkes Books.
 It's a tradition to leave an alcoholic beverage when you visit William Faulkner's grave, in Oxford, Mississippi, home of Square Books. Sorry Mr. Faulkner, I was empty handed.

Just off highway 27 in Mississippi, after seeing Lemuria. I didn't like the way they kept eying me.

Another Mississippi gem, Wall Doxey State Park, south of Memphis, Tennessee.

Okay, I admit it, I have a soft spot for turtles.


The view of  Harrah's gambling casino from my hotel in New Orleans; I'm just glad they don't have a bookstore inside.

The "Natchez" paddle steamer calls New Orleans home.

A  zoom lens view of the captain (scroll over); it doesn't look so hard....right? I love the antlers!

A kudzu covered hill and observation post that looks out over the Mississippi Delta, home of The TurnRow Book Company in Greenwood.
Jamie Kornegay, the owner of TurnRow has an incredible novel coming out in the spring from Simon & Schuster, entitled SOIL-- look out for it.

Again, a wrong turn, this time in Tennessee.

 "Scuse me, am I lost?"


Finally, a sunset taken from Vero Beach, Florida, after seeing the fine folks at The Vero Beach Book Center.


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