Where we put all those books!

So, the last time I did my New Orleans to Memphis road trip, I stopped in at our offices and shipping warehouses in Jackson, Tennessee. Along with the wonderful Perseus customer service reps and other essential folk that make the Perseus Books Group work, this is where we pack and ship the books from the almost 400 publishers that we either own or distribute.

We have just finished a HUGE expansion of the warehouse, so I thought it would be interesting to show you what it looks like (in this case, after hours).

Overall it covers over
650,000 square feet. That's nearly 20 football fields!

On average we have 85,000 titles and

65,000,000 books!

It has 6 miles of conveyors,

34 miles of cabling,

14 miles of conduit and

10 miles of sprinklers!


And finally, here is the the warehouse in action.

 We have brought on many new publishers to sell, so it won't be long before their fine books will also be rolling down these conveyers and into boxes that are sent to bookstores near you and all over the world!

Many thanks to Brent Holland,
our Director of Warehouse Operations, for the mind boggling statistics.


Carol Chittenden said…
Hope it does the trick. Efficient fulfillment makes all the difference when customers are deciding whether or not to proceed with an order. Good luck to all!

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