Avid Bookshop ......Again!

The amazing (and award-winning) Janet Geddis has opened a second Avid Bookshop location in Athens, GA. 

Some of my more devoted readers (bless you!) may recall I did a  post about Janet a while back that highlighted her fantastic home at the time: click here to see it.

Janet and I recently met at the new location to go over our Spring/Summer list (her buying acumen is legendary). I thought I would take a few photos so you could see what her new store looks like. Located in the "Five Points" area of town, just a few miles from her original location, it has a very different clientele.

The space before all the shelves and books.

and after!

I particularly love the imaginative subject headings.

Looking to the back.

Some of you may not know that Janet's store(s) have been nominated for the 2017 Publishers Weekly magazine "Bookstore of the Year" award. There are five finalists, one of which is another fabulous Southern store, Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN.

Here are three of the remarkable women who help make the two Avids run smoothly: Barbette Houser, Hannah DeCamp and Janet.

Good luck to both of my stores! My choice is that there would be a tie for first place, hear that Publishers Weekly!? :-)


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